Welcome to our private practice for dermatology


Meisengasse 8 (Freßgass)
60313 Frankfurt am Main


Our state-of-the-art office is centrally located downtown and easy to reach by car or via public transportation. A first impression on the design of our practice for dermatology can be found below.

Our private practice for dermatology in the heart of Frankfurt is specializing in four core areas: dermatology, allergology, venerology, aesthetic and cosmetic services. We are looking forward to share our expertise with you and are happy to welcome you by arrangement.


Skin diseases are often a mirror of the soul. They may be psychosomatic in nature, but they can also be caused by infections, allergies, hereditary factors or other influences such as sunburns, exposure to cold and accidents.


We develop a treatment concept that is custom-tailored to your wishes and needs. We select only the most effective and gentle methods of treatment for our patients, demonstrating great levels of competence and professionalism.


In our cosmetic dermatology department we apply the latest scientific findings from dermatological research. Our goal is to improve the patients' physical appearance in keeping with their own personal interpretation of beauty.

Laser Treatment

A person's sense of wellbeing can be affected by the presence of varicose veins, rosacea, acne scars, age spots, age-related skin growths or unwanted hair. The proper kind of laser treatment helps eliminate these conditions.