Laser Treatment


A person's sense of wellbeing can be affected by the presence of varicose veins, rosacea (tiny red blood vessels on the skin), acne scars, age spots, age-related skin growths, unwanted hair, small cysts or fatty deposits around the eyelids. The proper kind of laser treatment helps eliminate these conditions or remove any undesired hair.

Laser beams are strongly concentrated light at a certain wavelength. Depending on the kind of application used, lasers can be used to remove, cut or vaporize the tissue. This makes it possible to ablate blood vessels, remove excess tissue, eliminate discolorations of the skin and destroy the roots of hair.

The advantage of these laser techniques is that the physician can position the instrument with great precision and control how deep the light penetrates the tissue. This makes very carefully targeted treatment possible in which surrounding tissue is not damaged. We will select the appropriate laser treatment (CO₂ laser and Nd:YAG laser – 532 nm frequency-doubled and 1064 nm) that meets your needs in the following areas:

  • hair removal on the upper lip, chin, cheeks, armpits, bikini zone, back, legs
  • removing varicose veins from the legs
  • rosacea
  • hemangiomas
  • removing age spots using Nd:YAG or a CO₂ laser
  • removing raised benign changes to the skin with a CO₂ laser