Chemical peeling is an effective outpatient approach to making the skin look younger and treating medical indications such as acne scars, aging skin or dyspigmentation.

When it comes to helping the skin look younger, we prefer to work with dermal peels, either alpha hydroxy acid [AHA] (20% - 70%) or trichloroacetic acid [TCA] (15% - 30%).

We use TCA to minimize facial wrinkles and liver spots on the face or the backs of the hands. TCA dramatically reduces wrinkles and makes the skin look fresher and smoother, evening out the complexion as well. It stimulates collagen production and restores plumpness to the skin. This is especially beneficial to the appearance of aging and thinning skin, since it makes the surface structures smoother.

Our portfolio includes the following peeling methods

  • AHA peels
  • TCA
  • Green peel